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Born in Dublin 2023Born in Dublin 2023

Born in Dublin 2023Born in Dublin 2023

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Fresh is a thriving sneaker reseller business that has taken the vibrant city of Dublin by storm since its establishment in 2023. Founded by a group of passionate sneaker enthusiasts, this innovative venture has quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional selection of rare and limited-edition sneakers. Situated in the heart of Dublin, the store has become a haven for sneakerheads, collectors, and fashion-forward individuals alike.

empower ing  individuals

Our mission is to empower a community of individuals to aim high and make the impossible play. To use a challenge as an opporunity, a hurdle as just another leap forward. To understand that "making it" is about earning as much as it is about gaining.


Fresh has since symbolized the ethos of a city that never lies down. Keep up to date on our social channels.
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